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Not sure which Maille product would best suit the dish you are preparing? Our Mustard Sommelier has been trained to expertly pair tasting notes from each Maille product with an array of dishes. For their expert advice, tweet us using or message us on Facebook! For handpicked pairings, see our recipes which include the entire Maille product line.

Gourmet mustards



Mustard connoisseurs, home chefs, and wine enthusiasts alike, will scramble to get their hands on La Maison Maille’s new, limited edition Vineyard Selection mustards that combine the quality and refinement of classic Maille mustards with “le bon gout” of carefully selected French wines.

The first of their kind on the market, the two Maille Dijon mustard creations will blend Maille’s fine Original mustard with Sauvignon and the brand’s bestselling Wholegrain Mustard with Pinot Noir to add a taste of luxury to every dish they meet.

Both new products will be available to seduce connoisseurs and flatter the most exquisite palates only for a limited time at select gourmet grocers in Ontario and Quebec this summer. Each exclusive jar will be sold for $7.89.