Harry Lalousis

Harry Lalousis

Maille Sommelier

Raised in Australia by Greek-Italian parents, Harry Lalousis has always had a passion for good, hearty food. Maille appointed Harry to become a mustard sommelier, the profession which La Maison Maille has had in their boutiques since 1747, training at Maille’s boutique in London, UK. Through this extensive training, Harry has amassed a wealth of knowledge on the process of growing mustard seeds, the production of mustard, mustard flavour profiles, food trends and more. Each month, Harry will share his tips for cooking with mustard on Maille.ca.


Making dinner can be chore, a daunting task, especially when you’re tired from a long day at work. But cooking should be fun and relaxing, an experience that captures all the senses. After all, investing time preparing a succulent meal is showing love to yourself and those you are cooking for. In order to delight in the kitchen and indulge in the social and sensual state of mind of the dinner table, you have to go beyond the cookbook, be adventurous and make your own recipes.

In a 3 city Canadian tour that starts this month in Toronto, I will be teaching the simple codes behind the crafting of haute casual dinners – the basics of what makes everyday cooking greater. Thanks to a few simple tips, you’ll be able to understand the fundamental underpinnings of home cooking that will allow you to ditch the cookbooks and have fun cooking from the heart.

My 3 workshops will teach you the ratios of cooking, and allow you to create your own flavour combinations in the kitchen. For instance:


Ratio: 3-1-1-1 (3 parts dairy, 1 sweet, 1 acidic, 1 mustard)


Ratio: 3-1-1 (3 fat, 1 acid, 1 mustard)

Marinades, glazes and rubs:

Ratio: 2-1-1 (2 parts fat, 2 acid, 1 mustard)


Ratio 3-2-1 (3 oil, 2 vinegar and 1 mustard + herbs, spices or pulps to taste!)

If you’re ready to start trying out some of these ideas in your own kitchen, check out the recipes in this month’s featured recipe section for inspiration and start creating easy and tasty sauces, dips and marinades that will be sure to jazz up your dishes.

Great kitchen adventures often start with a cocktail, So I invite you to try this refreshing and flavourful summer drink: Maille Punch/

Recipes are a guideline and not an “end-all be-all”, whether you’re a slave to the box mixes or an experienced home cook, I invite you to give these ratios a try! And while you’re going beyond the page and cooking for your taste buds, take a pic of your delicious accomplishment and share on social media using #MailleChef for a chance to win prizes each month and even a trip to France! If you need tips and advice tag me by using #AskMaille. Bonne appétit!