Harry Lalousis

Harry Lalousis

Maille Sommelier

Raised in Australia by Greek-Italian parents, Harry Lalousis has always had a passion for good, hearty food. Maille appointed Harry to become a mustard sommelier, the profession which La Maison Maille has had in their boutiques since 1747, training at Maille’s boutique in London, UK. Through this extensive training, Harry has amassed a wealth of knowledge on the process of growing mustard seeds, the production of mustard, mustard flavour profiles, food trends and more. Each month, Harry will share his tips for cooking with mustard on Maille.ca.


It’s sad but true… we’re in the final weeks of summer and everyone is trying to maximize their time spent doing fun things before the kids head back to school and the routine kicks back in. This means a few more trips to the cottage, a couple of beach days or a road trip adventure!

August marks harvest season for so many great fruits and vegetables and Canada is home to some of the best berry-growing conditions in existence; not to mention our farmers are among the most environmentally conscious and responsible in the world. For one of those final getaways, head out with family or friends to a fruit picking farm and dive into the blueberry or strawberry. Strawberries consistently rank as the most popular berry and are interestingly, a member of the rose family. They are grown in all provinces of Canada, with the largest areas of production in Quebec and Ontario. Strawberries pack a healthy punch in more ways than one: A good source of fibre, strawberries are known to aid in weight management, regulate blood pressure, reduce inflammation, fight bad cholesterol all while keeping wrinkles at bay (this is perhaps their best quality).

Combined with the health properties of mustard, berry recipes make a tasty and highly nutritious option. Explore new and exciting recipes that combine the sweetness of fruit with the bite of Maille’s flavour-packed Dijon mustard such as our Strawberry, Basil and Mascarpone Éclairs. A much lighter alternative to the traditional cream or chocolate-filled dessert, they will impress even those with the biggest sweet tooth.

Known for its incredibly high water content, and despite the popular belief that it is made up of only water and sugar, watermelon is actually considered a nutrient dense food. It provides an incredible amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and has a very low caloric value. Synonymous with summer and picnics, watermelon is both refreshing and sweet and provides a guilt-free dessert for kids and adults alike. Think outside the snack and use watermelon as an added ingredient in salads. Try our Heirloom Tomato and Watermelon salad for an easy-to-make, totally unique burst of summer flavours.

If you head east to the Maritimes or West to the coast of Vancouver, you will find no shortage of beautiful fresh fish and shellfish, from Atlantic salmon to Pacific Oysters and every option in between. Did you know that Canada is the world’s largest producer of Snow Crab, accounting for about two-thirds of the global supply? Having such an abundance of delicious seafood at our fingertips allows the opportunity for unique and exciting seafood dishes at suppertime. For a gluten-free option, our open faced Salmon burgers are a delicious and nutritious alternative to a regular burger and bun meal. The mayonnaise in the recipe acts as the binder, rather than using breadcrumbs, so your salmon burger remains moist and flavourful. Crab-cakes with chilled Maille Dijon mustard sauce are also a great summer fair because they can be used as an appetizer, brunch option, or mid-afternoon snack. They take less than 30 minutes (including prep time) to make, so even if you have unexpected guests, nobody will be hungry for long.

Throughout the summer, there are dozens of festivals that celebrate food all over the country! Eat your way from East to West with pit stops at some of Canada’s best foodie events including the Columbia StrEAT Festival in New Westminster, BC (August 20th) and YUL EAT in Montreal (from Sept 3rd to 5th) where Maille will be hosting its Flavour Studio. Featuring renowned Mustard Sommellier Harry Lalousis, the event offers cooking workshops as well as Make your own flavoured mustard stations using fresh herbs, fruits and spices.

If you love food as much as I do, any excuse is an opportunity to indulge. If you’re hitting the road this month, don’t forget to tag @MailleCanada or use #AskMaille during your foodie adventures. Cook using #Maillechef and get a chance to win great prizes from Ricardo Cuisine each month! Visit our contest section for more details.